Prelistenings from the album

signals from eternity

The 11 songs from the album „signals from eternity“ came to life
when we (Micha and Felician) met at Felicians studio at a small artists village
at the german „Sauerland“.

During uncounted nights Felicians melodies and lyrics
and Michas sense for rhythm and hooklining grew together.

Our manifold ideas at least were finally recorded at Michas Studio near Cologne
with support of several musicians.

Although we had found our own distinctive NOSAER sound
the wonderful support and creative influences of all our friends and musicians
was kind of putting the dot over the i ….. !

In summer 2018 we finally finished the production at Ireland
building up a „popup-studio“ on the cliffs of Kerry.
Watching the sun and moon rising and going down on Irish hills
we mixed our final versions after 3 years of work and inspiration.

This -at least – might be the reason why you’ll have the impression
of a far away whisper of Irish landscape while listening to these
emotionally charged song fairies…

SIGNALS FROM ETERNITY has become our [his]story!

Our deepest gratitude to all our supporters:

Mario Melle (Mellsonic Studios), Joko (Holger Koch), Siggi Bemm (Woodhouse Studio Hagen), Recky Reck, Frank Röllen (NRG Studio Viersen), Beray Habip, Lutz Lundberg, Murat Kayi, Manfred Franzikowiak, Paul Santosi, Murat Dirill Cymbals, Björn Netten, Martin Ernst, Harry Hotz, Hansi Speckamp, Günter Lemke, Markus Pufahl, Thomas Klein, Sandra Pfeiffer, Ludger Pempeit

Signals from eternity

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hide yourself

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Save me - wake me

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Black to wide

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Micha Strauss, Daniel Täger, Helge Treybig, Recky Reck, Holger Koch

Mario Melle (Mellsonic Studios)

Arranged by
Felician Siebenstaern & Micha Strauss

Produced by
Micha Strauss

Songs & Lyrics by
Felician Siebenstaern (Brigitte Felician Siebrecht)