about NOSAER

NOSAER is a musician duo based in Germany.
Singer/songwriter Felician Siebenstaern
and drummer Micha Strauss
create an unordinary synthesis of singer-songwriting,
drumming and electronic/acoustic elements
combined with a focus on poetical lyrics.

Felician started writing Songs when she was 9 years old. Later on she studied Free painting and Media Arts and is playing live since  more than 20 years with several Band – and Solo Projects.
Her last Album „Catch my.Fall“ was released at Universal Music in 2013.

Micha decided that drumming would save his life when he has been 13 years old. At this really early time he left his home to fulfill this vision. During the last 20 years he created his own atmospheric idea of sound during his  work as producer and drummer for several artists and  bands.

Micha and Felician found themselves as Duo in 2016 during a recording session at Ireland. While each of them already owned a very unique musical style, they came together to give birth to a new unexpected music, which is characterized by an unordinary synthesis of singer-songwriting, drumming and electronic/acoustic elements.

Micha’s very special and rule breaking drum playing yearns Felicians melodies with a progressive style.
Micha and Felician discovered a musical aesthetics that transcends the genres, they already loved thru their lifetime as well as they love to break the rules they formerly founded.

Their songs tell stories with a deep atmosphere while within Felicians Lyrics you will find an unusual and poetical reflection of her individual life and experience.
She weaves narrations using poetical symbols and ancient associations, sometimes visual analogies and scenes from daily life.

Sometimes words are sound – and sometimes sound is pure fantasy.

The Band

Bodi Balboa – Bass & Bass-Synths

Daniel Tåger – guitar & synths